First Baptist Church of Interlachen
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Joining the Past with the Future
Updated 9/14/16
Welcome to First Baptist Church of Interlachen! 

Week of prayer: Sept. 11 - Sept. 18
Church Goal:  $1900.00

Please know that our MAIN concern at First Baptist Church of Interlachen is a spiritual one.  We desire above all else that you know Jesus and have trusted Him (and Him alone) to be your personal savior.  If you cannot look back through your life and find that time when you confessed your sins, asked Him for forgiveness, and made Him your Lord and Savior, then please know we are praying for you. If you'd like to know more right HERE.

This is what the sign over the sanctuary door says. How true it is. Whether you have been a Christian for 100 years, or 3 minutes, we are all a witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of His final words before He ascended into Heaven were “Go” and “Tell”. That’s what we try to do here at FBC Interlachen. Won’t you “Go” with us?



We here at First Baptist Church of Interlachen want to say “Welcome” to our web site. We have only a brief overview of some of the ministry opportunities which are available to you here and would like to start out by telling you who we are and why we are here. 
We are a body of believers who enjoy good preaching, good singing, and good fellowship. If you are without a church home, or if you feel that God is moving you to a new place of service in the kingdom, or if you would like to become a Christian and join a local church, we would like to say “Welcome” to you and would love to have you come and join us as we work side-by-side with Jesus in spreading the good news of the Gospel and serve others in Jesus’ name.


 Rev. Tony Clubb, our Senior Pastor, invites and encourages you to come and grow and get involved in what God is doing in the life of First Baptist Church.

Spirit-filled preaching, plenty of service opportunities, and wonderful Bible studies will help you grow in your walk with the Lord.

Join us this Sunday and see what God is doing.

See our online church calendar for service times and events 

Want to check out what's going on in the State Convention this year? Click here!

Please Pray for Our Troops and Missionaries Around the World.